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Guy Tip!

Hey, Cage Mistress Jana, here. :)

Guy Tip #2: Would you like to get to know a guy better? Offer to treat him to lunch. No matter how shy, or busy a guy may be, he will drop everything for a free meal. And do -not- eat like a bird. How would you feel if he sat there and ate nothing but a salad, while his stomach was growling obviously for more? It's just the same, the other way around. Guys -like- to see a girl eat a meal. There's no need to pig, but have an entry! Show him your fabulous self, show him a good time, and then wait for him to come back for more. If what he comes back for is another free meal, shove his mooching self to the curb. If he's a good guy, though, you'll surely win your way to his stomach and his heart. :)

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