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Guy Tip!

Hey, cage Mistress Jana, here. :)

Guy Tip #3: It is a bad idea to show this community to your boyfriend of crush or guy friend, and proudly claim yourself to be a member. It is an even worse idea to tell that person that you caged them, even if it was just once, and a horrible idea to tell them why. It is a better idea to wait until after you have cooled off, and then communicate with them directly about whatever the problem is, without bringing any mention of the community into it (That is, unless someone left you some advice in how to deal with it, and then you could use that advice, but not mention where it came from.) It is a bad idea to even mysteriously mention that you caged him last night, and then try not to tell him what you mean, because he will just bug you over and over again until you spill the beans. Revealing any of these things to that person could surely result in an argument that you will lose, and that's never good. :) Keep in mind that posting here is not meant as revenge or to get even with him, but to help you feel better about whatever he did in a self-gratification type way, and get advice from other people about it. The only way to really resolve the problem is to have an open discussion with him about it.

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