She was a January Girl... (revidescently) wrote in cage_a_male,
She was a January Girl...

I would like to cage my most recent ex from two years ago. He has a habit of popping up in my life every six months or so in order to simply make his presence known and see how my current relationship is going. He's nefarious in his attempts at subterfuge and trying to tempt me away from my current two-year relationship. I am still with the guy I left his sorry ass for and have no intentions of leaving the boyfriend I have to go back to the boy who couldn't hold a full-time job longer than a month. He was also a neo-Nazi who claimed to be reformed but when I left him for a guy of color, he flipped out and showed himself to still hold true to some ideologies of neo-Nazism racism. Specifically, the idea that only a white man could please me (ha!) and that if we ever had a baby it would "be a mutt".

I suggest a cage only large enough to allow a few paces worth of movement where he will have no access to a phone or computer with which to annoy the shit out of me with incessant "I still love you" messages. Every few hours he will be provided with a small bit of food and some water. Bathroom breaks are entirely at the discretion of the cager. Since he never could hold down a job, he will now be forced to work as an envelope stuffer with an impossible quota to fill. His freedom will hinge on fulfilling said quota. Arbeit macht frei, my neo-Nazi friend.
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