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Survey :)

Hey there. :) Cage Mistress Jana here. :) I have a little survey here for all of you. :) Feel free to answer as a post, or as a comment, but if it is a post, be sure to use lj cut, to not spam too much (for info on lj-cut, see the lj faq). :)
. . . . . . . . . .

- If you could only cage one person in this world, male -or- female, who would you choose?

- How long would that person be caged?

- What did this person do to be caged? (optional)

- What do you think would be the best benefit of caging this person?

- How do you think it would feel to sit on the other side of the bars, and poke the person through those bars atleast once a day?

- What do you think you could do to taunt them the most from outside of the cage? ;)

- Would you ever let them out for short periods of time, for play?

- Do you think that person would ever do the same things again to you, after being caged? Would they learn their lesson?

- Does it help you feel better to think about this? :)
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