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[November 14, 2002 * 10:06pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

i hereby cage "the boy", for being the clueless male that he is. "pushy" am i? well, once your in that cage, i won't need to do any more 'pushing,' now will i?

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Guy Tip! [November 14, 2002 * 7:25pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey, Cage Mistress Jana, here. :)

I've decided to add a little program to this community called, 'Guy Tips', where I will daily or bi-daily, or as often as I get around to it, leave a handy dandy little tip about how to deal with guys in certain situations, where caging is not an option, or a quick solution is needed. This, girls, is my introduction to the program, and something that I found very helpful just today. ;)

Guy Tip #1: Obtain a picture of a rather built or particularly frightening looking man friend of yours to insert into wallet, purse, hand bag, pocket, or any easily accessible place on person at all times. If your boyfriend happens to be such, his picture will work just as well, and far better, even. When being hit on by strange, very forward and persistent perverts, just pull your secret weapon out into the open, and make sure it is seen very clearly, so that your agressor knows just what he is up against. Feel free to add, "You know what -really- excites me about you? You'd make HIM very, very jealous. I just love it when he flexes those muscles.". Emphasize the word HIM, as if you have just referred to that which should be emphasized as largely as its size. There will be no more requests for phone numbers from a strange perverted man who stares at your chest as he requests it. There will only be a wide eyed stare right at the picture, and then the back of his head as he hurries away in what is an attempt to seem cool and indifferent, when it's really just very hillarious.

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Woooooooooo. [November 14, 2002 * 6:35am]

[ mood | amused ]

Ooooh my God, we have a -member-. *gets down on her hands and knees and kisses seriphem79's feet* Thank you! My day is made. We also have a watcher, stumbleine9, which is a little creepy, kind of stalkerish, and we think that stumbleine9 should become a member, but whatever floats your boat. *laughs* Welcome, our first official member and watcher. We hope you enjoy the community. :)

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Arugh. ;_; [November 11, 2002 * 1:07am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

I hereby cage my-world-is-ending-and-yours-doesn't-matter-male for being the apathetic sands of the desert he is, who could care less about others and what they're going through, no matter WHAT he says. How DARE he be so nonchalant when I confide that in him. I've given him chance again and again to be my friend, as I am his, but he just doesn't get it. He just doesn't. He doesn't care, and he has always broken any trust I placed in him. For that, I cage him, and poke him multiple times. >_

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Grumble. [October 16, 2002 * 1:35pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

I, Alley, hereby cage one incredibly insensitive male -- who can go two months without so much as an e-mail because he's off playing a stupid game, and then e-mails me telling me how much he's missed me -- for being such a selfish ape who would rather waste his days gaining levels in an RPG than be in the company of people who love him. Maybe having him caged will get him away from that stupid game.

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[October 2, 2002 * 12:51pm]

[ mood | angry ]

I, before the eyes of our witnesses, do hereby cage my boyfriend, for the act of selfish, sexist egotism. The most important thing in the world is -not- sex, despite what he might think. If for some reason, there is not as much sex as one wishes, we should not cry and whine like a little boy who isn't getting what he wants, and make mention of it on average of every five minutes, as he is now known to do! He has called me from his place of employment, just to suggest a way in which to have more sex, as he did today, and when he was told to stop pressuring and bothering me so much, he threw a fit, and hung up the phone on me. This, my friends, is why I cage my boyfriend. And I am just in doing so! Now give me a poking stick! A -sharp- one.

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