Alley and Jana (cage_mistresses) wrote in cage_a_male,
Alley and Jana

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Couch Potato!

I hereby cage my boyfriend, for faking tired when he'd rather be doing something else, like watching Star Wars for the -hundredth time-. I was on the phone last night with him when he did it last. He forces a yawn in an obviously faked way, talking in a stumbly-worded voice, trying to convince me that he wants to get off of the phone to go to bed, when I know that he just wants to be free for his precious movies. He spends too much time watching movies. Couch potato! There will be no TV provided in the cage, fool.

*cue grumble of frustration* Men.

It wouldn't hurt to say, 'I'd like to go watch my movie now.' instead of insulting my intelligence and lying.
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