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cage_a_male's Journal

Cage a Male
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Have you ever... considered the benefits of caging specific specimens of the male population? We have. We were, one day, after I had an argument with my boyfriend, discussing the idiocy of it all, when we came up with this brilliant concept. If they were in cages, they would still be lovely to look upon, and we could release them on occasion for some play time. Plus, if they misbehaved, we could poke at them through the bars of their cages, from a safe distance where they could not lay a hand upon us.

Brilliant? Indeed.

We don't hate men; not at all. Every now and then though, they say or do something highly moronic or even hurtful, and it is just a bit more fun than it should be to imagine caging them.

So, this is how it works... If a man, any man, does something that makes your blood boil, or merely simmer, feel free to cage him here, where fantasy nearly becomes reality.

For example, just yesterday I could have easily caged my boyfriend:

'I hereby cage 'insert name (though you can choose not to name him, and merely use a pet name like 'creep', or if you are in a nice mood, 'cuddle bunny')', for being the 'insert insult' male that he is!'

In my case, this would result as:

'I hereby cage Brian for being the neanderthal ape of a man that he is, with an ego more easily broken than a twig beneath the feet of stampeding elephants.'

Graphics are welcome. Innapropriateness is not. Be creative. Cussing is the easy way out. Call him lazy, call him possessive, call him a snot-nosed little boy who lacks the manners of even a gorilla. But if we find anything innapropriate in your post, you will be booted from the community, after your post has been deleted. Use common sense. :)

We are the Mistresses of the cage, Jana and Aletheia. Happy caging. ;)

Oh, and one more thing: Links back to the community would be appreciated beyond words. Just a simple, 'I caged my jerk today. Check it out at cage_a_male!'. And at the same time, you'd be helping to spread the joys of caging. You'd be doing good for the world. ;)

Disclaimer: Kiddies, don't try this at home. We do not suggest the actual caging of any person, unless they have commited a terrible crime, and in that case, it's the law's bussiness. Yeah. You get the point. :)